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[Job Title (Grandma Edition) : Miles makes websites and apps that look good on all devices and computers. ]

An early lover of art and graphic design, Miles has covered a lot of digital kilometers before joining the team as a Front End Developer. He got started blending art and html on AngelFire and GeoCities back in middle school, and graduated on to help initiate the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s ‘Building Native Mobile Apps’ and got to dig deep into code and mobile app development. From there he co-founded the start-up Meter Hero, a web and mobile app dedicated to calculate and conserve energy costs. When he’s not finding the perfect animated gif for all occasions, Miles is likely biking or running the streets of downtown Milwaukee, with his trusty backpack of treasures.

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[ Technology Trends ]

Naked Domains And WWW – Use it or Lose It?

An abbreviation for “world wide web,” the primary purpose of www was to distinguish between the different servers. For most internet users, there’s a good chance you don’t know what that means (and realistically, you don’t have to). However, for a little background, we’ll cover it here.


[ Technology Trends ]

Cinemagraphs: A Graydient Creative How-To Guide

A cinemagraph can best be described as a high quality gif or video that is very smoothly looped. The first cinemagraphs were created in the gif format out of practicality for sharing online, but because of the limitations of the gif format, some were often employed in the HTML5 video format to display at a much higher quality and smaller file sizes. Cinemagraphs are not tied to any one file format but the way in which they’re displayed determines which format is best suited for them. Some of the best cinemagraphs capture the entire essence of a scene, or they isolate a movement within a larger scene. These cinemagraphs range from landscapes and nature scenes to street photography, sometimes augmented by only the slightest bit of motion, and at other times completely wrapped up by it. Here at Graydient Creative, we love cinemagraphs! Here is how we create them.



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