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[Job Title (Grandma Edition) : Danae makes pretty stuff on the computer, and also writes stuff on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. ]

Danae is a word nerd to the core. Growing up she dreamed of majoring in English and becoming a writer, as the slew of short stories and illustrations beneath her bed would show true. When urged to pursue a more profitable career, she thought about the time she spent custom coding her NeoPets and FreeWebs pages, and decided the web would be her future. Danae joined the team as an intern while obtaining dual Associate’s Degrees in Graphic Design and Web & Digital Media from the Waukesha County Technical College. Since then, she has immersed herself in all things social and continues to explore the latest and greatest in social trends. When not posting to social for work, she’s probably doing it for personal, while reading a book and binge watching Netflix - all at the same time.

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[ GrayMatter ]

Caching: Explained

Server-Side Caching
To more easily illustrate my point, we’re going to call our server Steve. Steve is a mastermind operator behind your website. Think of the old time telephone operators – but note, Steve is alone with your entire website of information.

When people dial up your website (though not LITERALLY anymore – but you get my drift), it’s like a phone call to the Steve, who responds by sending all of the appropriate information along to the user. When they click to a new page, he transfers the call and connects them with the information there.


[ GrayMatter ]

Social Engineering: The Basics

Social engineering is an attempt to steal your personal information by disguising fraudulent activities with information that looks safe and harmless. Such attacks can be executed in a number of ways. There is the obvious method that most of us have probably heard of, or seen, such as email messages offering something that’s only “1 click away!” Other methods are more deceptive, involving seemingly innocent phone calls or random USB drives left sitting in a parking lot.

The objective is still the same: have you forfeit your information for their personal gain. There are no software programs that you can run to protect yourself from the most deceitful social engineering. (Although you may be able to combat some of the more basic attacks with an anti-virus program or anti-spyware.) Its not all bad news, though, knowing what to look for can help protect your information against disingenuous attacks. Let’s dive into the different methods on how to keep you and your information safe.


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