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[Job Title (Grandma Edition) : Sami makes websites on the internet look pretty. ]

Sami graduated from Waukesha County Technical College with an Associate of Applied Science in both Web and Digital Media Design, as well as, Graphic Design. She may not be able to see movies in 3D (see Meet the Team Page), but she has an eye for logo design, web design, and graphic design. Her two furry friends, King and Nala, are her best friends and she loves reading mystery and crime novels.

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[ Technology Trends ]

How Accurate Were Our 2017 Trend Predictions?

The new year is officially upon us, AGAIN, and we’re already thinking about the next big trends for 2018. Markets grow increasingly competitive and consumers grow more and more wary of all the different messages they see on a daily basis. So how do you stay at the forefront of all of this? The answer requires some forecasting to predict the next big thing and a little innovation. Let’s reflect back on our predictions for 2017 and see how accurate they were:


[ GrayMatter ]

Photoshop 101

If you live in the digital world, you might already know that Adobe® is a creative industry standard when it comes to software. You might also know that Adobe Photoshop® is the one of the more popular programs, generally used for editing photography, creating digital assets, and optimizing images for the web. If you’re looking to pick up a new creative hobby, break into the field, or are just curious to know how the magic happens, you’ll benefit to learn a thing or two from this Photoshop 101 lesson.

In this post, I’ll be providing a high-level overview of Adobe Photoshop® CC and some of its features. I’ll cover topics such as how to resize images, change color modes and pick color values, use adjustment layers with masks, and save files.



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