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[Job Title (Grandma Edition) : Megan is like the QVC lady for digital services. ]

Megan grew up wanting to pursue a career where she could help others, so it’s no surprise that’s exactly what her job entails as a Strategic Marketing Consultant. With her own passion for story-telling, she helps brands expand on their stories while pairing them up with the talented team that makes dreams come true. When she’s not out making #BFF (Business Friends Forever), she’s tearing up the social scene (both digitally and physically), spending time with family and friends, or sipping wine while watching Law & Order SVU.

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[ Digital Marketing ]

5 Tips for Choosing a Digital Marketing Agency

As you know, digital marketing is in great demand and ever-evolving. There comes a time for many businesses to realize they may need help from “the outside” to keep up to speed with the digital world and the demands of their users.

This can create a lot of strain, not only in understanding where the gaps might be in your current marketing strategy, but identifying the right partner to help achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself. There are so many options, so how do you know which will be the best one for your business?


[ Digital Marketing ]

Micro-Moments Part 3: Partnering with Google

Thanks for tuning into the final post in this three – part blog series! In case you’ve missed the first two articles, take a moment to learn more about micro-moments and some marketing tactics to incorporate micro-moments into your digital strategy.

In this post, we’re going to discuss some additional solutions you can consider that can give you more influence in Google searches, in addition to your current SEO efforts.



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