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SEO: Keywords, Content, and Code – Oh My!

October 10th, 2016 by

Good ol’ search engine optimization, or as it’s more commonly known name “SEO”.  It’s a term that gets thrown around quite a bit in the digital marketing world, but what does it actually mean?

Well…it means A LOT. Not just in what positive effects it can have for your website traffic and conversion levels, but also all the work that goes into SEO to achieve optimum results. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by how many things one would need to change to drastically impact their SEO results. This is why I’ve created a quick summary on SEO and some things you can do to get started on optimizing today.


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Brides Spark Attitude of Gratitude

September 2nd, 2016 by

On New Year’s Day, big things happened for us. After more than eight years in the making, we officially became Graydient Creative, LLC. This September, as kids went back to school and what some consider the second new year fell upon us, I saw a new chapter of the Graydient story begin.

graydient designers get married

Gathered for what some believed to be our “same old” bi-weekly retrospective meeting, the team surprised two of our own with twin cakes that read, “Here’s to love and laughter … and happily ever after” in celebration of the two weddings taking place in the coming 10 days. To accompany the edible sweetness, we laid it on thick as the team went around the room, each member shared a special thank you with each of the brides-to-be. As if this weren’t enough, the love fest continued as teammates started thanking one another for various things that happened during the previous two weeks’ time. (more…)

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It Can Pay to Know Your Guests

September 1st, 2016 by

One thing you want to ask yourself is if you know your guests. It might sound like a silly question because of course you do! You gather their name, their email, their phone number, and payment information upon booking a reservation, right?

While those are important, it’s even more important to really know your guest. For example, do you know:

  •  If they typically book for business or for leisure?
  •  When they usually book during the week or year?
  •  Where they roam throughout your location?
    • For example: Do they hit the gym, the spa, the on-site restaurant/lounge you have?
  • What do they order if they stop in your restaurant or lounge?
  • If they have a tendency to ask for additional amenities or accommodations during reservation booking or during their visit?
  • What their personal interests are?


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Front End Build System

August 16th, 2016 by

At Graydient Creative I use node.js, npm and gulp for building web applications. In this post I’m going to cover how I use certain node modules along with gulp in order to help myself streamline an application.

In my previous post, “Front End Dev Tools” I briefly talk about installing node.js and npm and configuring my system to get this properly setup. In this post I’ll give details on compiling html, sass and javascript using the glob technique and setting up a local development server using browsersync.


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